Performance acceleration exclusively for professional athletes.

There are no limits when you have a dedicated Performance team.

Our coaches, therapists and specialists work together to help you push the boundaries and achieve specific goals.

We use data to best inform our practice and we tailor performance plans based on what’s been proven in the field with innovating techniques.


Performance Training

Performance coaches deliver most rigorous and focused training programs, tailored to athletes across various sports, all aimed at achieving specific performance objectives.


Physical Profile

Strength, Power and Endurance tests for the lower and upper body. Individualized force and human movement profiling evaluating capacities and asymmetries.


Mental Performance

Personalized mental training programs designed to enhance players’ mental game on the pitch. Training to improve cognition and perception on the pitch (reaction, scanning & decision making). Education and guidance on psychological topics to aid in effective rehabilitation and holistic well-being.


Performance Recoveryand Nutrition

Recovery services including cold plunge, Infra-red sauna, compression boots and relaxation space. Nutrition evaluation & consultation: cooking lessons and meal plans.


Physical Therapy

Individualized active and passive care designed to align with athlete health goals, whether that be peak performance, rapid recovery, or navigating a rehabilitation journey.

Alongside your training at the APC LA, we can connect you with concierge service providers to build an extraordinary experience for your off-season training vacation.

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APC LA Sports Science/Strength & Conditioning Director